Community Leader Endorsements:

Rob McKenna, Attorney General, State of Washington
Senator Doug Ericksen, State Legislature
Gary Jensen, Mayor, City of Ferndale
Scott Korthuis, Mayor, City of Lynden
Bonny Onyon, Mayor, City of Blaine
John Perry, Mayor, City of Everson
Bob Bromley, Mayor, City of Sumas
Jim Ackerman, Mayor, City of Nooksack
Dave McEachran, Whatcom County Prosecuting Attorney
Dr. Gary Goldfogel, Whatcom County Medical Examiner
Barry Buchanan, Bellingham City Council Member
Gene Knutson, Bellingham City County Member

Elfo with Ferndale Mayor Jenson
Senator Doug Ericksen               Mayor Scott Korthius                  Mayor Gary Jensen 
with Sheriff Bill Elfo

Whatcom County Correction Deputies "Teamsters Local Union No. 231" is proud to endorse Bill Elfo for Sheriff for Whatcom County.  We have appreciated his steadfast dedication to the citizens of Whatcom County and also the employees under his direction.

Whatcom County Sheriff and Chiefs Association
"The Whatcom County Sheriff and Police Chiefs Association, a coalition of local, state and federal officials with law enforcement responsibilities in Whatcom County, has by unanimous vote of its membership endorsed your candidacy for re-election as Sheriff of Whatcom County.  In making his endorsement, the Association took special note of your highly favorable reputation for professional integrity and innovative leadership, including your dedication to interagency cooperation and collaboration in meeting the cross -jurisdictional challenges facing public safety agencies throughout Whatcom County."  (Click on complete letter)

Bellingham Police Guild
“Thank you again for your time in meeting with the Bellingham Police Guild’s Political Action Committee. We would like to offer the Bellingham Police Guild’s endorsement for the upcoming 2011 Whatcom County Sheriff’s Race.”

“We are very committed to the public safety of Bellingham and feel that a continued partnership with the Whatcom County Sheriff’s Office is vital in providing the highest level of service to our community.”
Best Wishes,
Chad Cristelli
PAC Chair / Guild Secretary
Bellingham Police Guild

National Border Patrol Council Local 2913
I am pleased to say that NBPC Local 2913 will endorse you in your re-elction campaign.  
I would also like thank you for the way you treated our agent after the shooting 2/28.  Border Patrol agents in general operate in a politically hostile environment and your immediate response to the media and support of all involved meant a great deal to our agents.  

It is our honor to support you as our Sheriff.

Mike Cox
NBPC Local 2913

Blaine Police Officers "Teamsters Local Union No. 231"

Everson Nooksack Police Officers "Teamsters Local Union No. 231"

Lynden Police Officers' Association (representing all commissioned Lynden officers) and Lynden Police Teamster's Local 231

Alcoa Intalco Works International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers (IAMAW)


Bellingham / Whatcom County Fire Fighters, "IAFF Local #106"
"We appreciate your service to Whatcom County and believe
you are an asset the Sheriff's Office cannot afford to lose."



"Washington State Patrol Troopers Association"(representing
all WSP Troopers, Detectives and Sergeants)


National Treasury Employees Union (representing all Customs and Border Protection Field Operations Officers)

"Your willingness to work cooperatively with your fellow law enforcement agencies including Customs and Border Protection has been noted for many years

Whatcom County Association of Realtors

Whatcom County Republican Party

Whatcom County Deputy Sheriff's Guild

The Whatcom County Deputy Sheriff’s Guild is pleased to announce that we have voted to
endorse you as the candidate for Whatcom County Sheriff.  Congratulations and we look forward to working with you in the future to make Whatcom County “Safe Today and Safer Tomorrow.”





After reviewing written questionnaires and carefully interviewing both candidates for Sheriff, I am proud to announce that the Northwest Washington Central Labor Council unanimously endorsed me for re-election as Sheriff.

Among local NWCLC affiliates in Whatcom County are public and private employees that include Faculty at Western Washington, WTA Transit drivers, Bellingham-Whatcom Firefighters, Bellingham City Employees represented by AFSME, Teamsters, Letter Carriers, IAMAW at Alcoa-Intalco, Operating Engineers, Sheet Metal Workers, Roofers and many others.




All  Local Police Chiefs:

Todd Ramsay, Bellingham
Micheal Knapp, Ferndale
Jack Foster, Lynden
Mike Haslip, Blaine
Erik Ramstead, Everson/Nooksack
Chris Haugen, Sumas

Individual Endorsements:

  • Tom Abbott
  • Art Anderson
  • Jerry Anderson
  • Carl Angell, Retired
  • Lenny Angello
  • Andy Anorbes
  • Don Arntzen
  • Helen Arntson, Retired
  • Ron Arntzen
  • Bruce & Carol Ayers
  • Earl Ball
  • Dave Barglet
  • Kathy Berg
  • Ken Bergsma, Chief Mt Vernon P.D.
  • Bob Boule'
  • B.H. Bradfield
  • Billy Brown
  • Lauren Brown
  • Ray Baribeau
  • Kathy Berg
  • Dale Brandland, Retired Whatcom County Sheriff
  • Doug Brown
  • Rud Browne
  • Willy Bruland
  • Mr. & Mrs. Stanley Brunner
  • Doralee Booth
  • Karen Burke
  • John Burley, Retired Bellingham Police Chief
  • Beverly Busch, Retired
  • Bob Busch, Retired
  • Terry Buzzard
  • Frank Cain
  • Frank Cain Jr.
  • Kathleen Cain
  • Carolyn Calhoon
  • James Calhoon
  • Paul Campbell Jr., Retired
  • Randall Carroll, Retired Bellingham Police Chief
  • Marjorie Castile-Farquhar
  • Gary Chadwick
  • Jeanne Chadwick
  • John Choulochas
  • Carol Choulochas
  • Craig Cole
  • Martin & Lorrie Conyac P.A.
  • Kendra Cristelli
  • John Currier, Alpha Tech
  • Dr. Grant Deger
  • Naida J. Deitsch
  • Walt DeKraai, Seabee
  • Joe Denhartog
  • Doreen  & Jim Dixon
  • Linda Dorsett
  • Joel Douglas
  • Chet & Joan Dow
  • Randy Elmore
  • Jake Farrer
  • Bud Fassett
  • Bill Franklin, Retired Sgt. WCSO
  • Elliott Fine
  • Lois Franco
  • Robert Franco
  • Andrew Fuller
  • John Fuller
  • Trish Fuller
  • Richard Gantman
  • Jack Gardner
  • Gary Goldfogel
  • Robert C. Grahame
  • Roger & Helen Granger
  • Mr Larry E Green
  • Dusty Gulleson
  • Bertella Hansen
  • Duane E. Hansen
  • Mel Hansen
  • Bradley Harris
  • Paul Harris
  • Wade Harris
  • Shirley Harding
  • Jack Hanson
  • Chris and Stacie Hatch
  • Randy Hathaway
  • Glenn Hawley
  • Mike Hill
  • Hal Hofherr
  • Brenda Hofherr
  • Gary Honcoop
  • Cindy Honcoop
  • Jack Hovenier
  • John Humble
  • Eugene Humphrey
  • Katherine Jacobson
  • Richard L. Jacobson
  • Robert W. Jacobson
  • Undersheriff Carey James, WCSO Retired
  • Laura James
  • Chuck Jenkins
  • Al Jensen
  • Dan Johnson
  • Elena Johnson
  • Mike Johnston
  • Sheree Johnston
  • Derek Jones, Law Enforcement Officer
  • David & Jenny Ji
  • Jim  Kaemingk, Mayor Lynden Retired
  • Nicholas F. Kaiser
  • Dr. Anthony  Karuza
  • Jeff. J. Kent
  • Mike Kent
  • Elinor King
  • Ryan King
  • Michael & Nancy Knapp
  • Gene Knutson
  • Russell Kuetz
  • Butch Kvamme
  • Polly Kvamme
  • Kurt Kvamme
  • Don Kok
  • Marge Laidlaw
  • Jerry Landcastle
  • Scott Langton
  • Jon Landis
  • Ron Laveille
  • Janice Leach
  • Ivan Likkel
  • Kay Likkel
  • Delbert E. Livermore
  • Gailen Ludtke
  • Gary Lysne
  • Cristi Lysne
  • Carole MacDonald
  • Byron Manering
  • Shorty Maneval
  • Tex Maneval
  • Al Mason
  • Robert McDermott
  • Jeff  & Merle McKay
  • Bart Miller
  • Richard C. "Mike" Myers, Mayor Blaine, Retired
  • Richard Montag
  • Linda & Frank Muench
  • Phil Multop
  • Riggs Nelson
  • Ward Nelson
  • Carol Nickel
  • Kurt Nickel
  • Ken Oplinger
  • Bill Oppewall
  • Norm Otto
  • Norma Otto
  • Max Perry
  • Michael & Bernadette Peters
  • Chief Jim Petrie
  • Russ Pfeiffer-Hoyt, South Fork Construction Co.
  • Janice Pickard
  • Lou Piotrowski
  • Hugh Pottle
  • Coralie Priddy
  • Hugh R. Pottle
  • James Powers, FBI Retired
  • Marvin Puller
  • Raymond Radke
  • Jeff and Vickie Rainey
  • Norine Rehberger
  • Travis Remy
  • Tim Rybka, DEA Retired
  • Tyler Ryan
  • Gary Russell
  • Louise Sager
  • Ken Sager
  • David Sano
  • Kathy Sano
  • Dan Sartain
  • Bill Schoonover
  • George Scribner
  • Phil Sharpe, Attorney
  • Lisa Sherry
  • Mark & Amy Shintaffer
  • Perry Sikes
  • Dolly Simplot
  • Blair & Teresa Smith
  • Daron Smith
  • Rick Sucee
  • Terry Terry
  • Wendell Terry
  • Ernest F. Snider
  • Ernst  Snider
  • Don & Eileen Sobjack
  • Captain John Soine
  • Perry Sikes
  • Randy Stegmeier
  • Henry Strand
  • Virgil Stremler
  • Theresa Sygitowicz
  • Christina Tan
  • Michael Tan
  • Lynn Templeton
  • Stanley Tipton, Retired Pompano Beach Chief of Police
  • Lea Thompson
  • Dan Turner
  • William VanCleve
  • Mr. David J VanderHoek
  • Jesse VanderHoek
  • John VanderVeen
  • Kristi VanderVeen
  • Joanne VanderVeen
  • Gary Vodopich
  • Paul Wagenaar
  • Jack & Jill Walker
  • Mark & Donna Walton
  • George Werkema
  • John Watts
  • Wayne White
  • John Wifler
  • Gertrude Williams
  • Tom & Katherine Williams
  • Harry Williams, Farmer
  • Robin Williams
  • Bob Wilson
  • John Wilson
  • Katrina Wilson
  • Toni Wilson
  • Josh Wright, Bell-Anderson Insurance
  • Michelle Wright
  • Williams Rollan Woodward
  • Doug Worthington
  • George J. Young