Mayor Jenson and Bill

A message from Bill

Founded in 1854, your Sheriff's Office is one of Washington's oldest and most respected law enforcement organizations.  Responsible for law enforcement, corrections and emergency management, we serve a growing community of over 200,000 residents and are responsible for a land area encompassing 2150 square miles on the international border.

With a vision of making Whatcom County the safest in the state through excellence in public safety, your Sheriff’s Office serves all the people who visit and reside in our community.  The Office of Sheriff in Whatcom County is a non-partisan position that is elected by the people.

The Whatcom County Sheriff’s Office is challenged with an increasing demand for services at a time when economic circumstances have resulted in resource reductions. No single law enforcement agency in Whatcom County can meet these challenges alone. I have worked in partnership with our local police departments, the Washington State Patrol and our federal law enforcement partners to share resources, build strength and confront challenges.  I will continue these partnerships as we move forward to focus on our core mission of protecting our community by providing effective, efficient and professional services with unquestionable integrity.

Since my election as your Sheriff, I've been working to make Whatcom County the safest place to live in Washington.  We've made good progress.  More deputies are in your neighborhood and on the streets of Whatcom County.  They are better equipped and better trained.  We've opened a jail work center.  Criminals are no longer turned away because of the lack of jail space and our crime rate is down well below state averages.

We still have work to do.  We must increase our Deputy’s presence in our community and shorten our response times.  We must continue to direct resources toward crime prevention and address the serious issues of child abuse, domestic violence and criminal gangs.  We must support and advocate for mental health, substance abuse and rehabilitation programs.   We must pursue technology enhancementsto improve efficiencies and ensure that crime information is disseminated in way we that crime can be prevented.  We must ensure that a prudent fiscally responsible plan is implemented to replace the County's failing main jail.  Effectively addressing issues is key to maintaining our quality of life.

I again ask for your continued support, trust and your vote in November, so that I can continue the work we are doing to keep you safe today and our quest for excellence so you will be even safer tomorrow.

Sheriff Bill Elfo